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Suggestions and Discussions

You don't need to write code to get involved. We want Elevate to include the things that you wish were in the BCL and leave out the ones that are out of scope. We need feedback from the .NET community in order to do this effectively. If you have a feature request, or if you think that something is bloating the library unnecessarily, please get involved by voicing your opinion through our Google group

Submitting a Patch

When submitting a patch, there are two things to remember.

1. Tests! You should be writing tests for all the code that you write, there are too many good reasons to name here. But, even if you won't do it for your own benefit, write tests when you submit a patch for Elevate. It makes your life easier, and it makes our lives easier. Tests allow us to better understand the purpose of your patch, and they make it easier for us to change things if need be. Untested patches take us far longer to review and accept, so please test your patches if you'd like to get them accepted in a timely fashion.

Ideally, we would like to see one or two "specification" or "behavior" style tests that explain the use case of your new feature. These tests should be commented for dead-simple readability. Below those tests, we would like to see a region called "Unit Tests" that includes any other tests that you need to fully test the feature. See the Elevate.Guide project for plenty of examples.

2. Coding standards. See those below.

Coding Standards

Copyright notice:

The following must appear at the top of every .cs file, tests included.

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Copyright (c) SRT Solutions 2009. All rights reserved.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Design Guidelines

In general, we try to adhere to Microsoft's Framework Design Guidelines. If you see us stray from the guidelines anywhere, please let us know. When submitting patches, also follow these guidelines.

Common Sense

Use common sense. If your patch is written in a different style than the rest of the code base, it's going to take us longer to review and accept it.

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